Embark on a transformative journey with our program that extends for a minimum of 6 months, and even longer if desired. As a member, you have the flexibility to engage in individual or team-based exploration, focusing on a meticulously crafted research question.

While some prior research experience is preferred, no prior knowledge in the field is required, making this an inclusive opportunity for all passionate learners. Gain a solid foundation, unlock new insights, and chart your course towards a future in the dynamic realm of space exploration.

Current Program

Milky Way 2024

3 teams will be selected and start their journeys on June 1st!

Past Programs

Milky Way 2023

Our 3 teams submitted their abstracts on the topics of In-Space Manufacturing, Space Resources, and
Space Pharmaceuticals to IAC in Milan and will be presenting their findings this September 2024.

Milky Way 2022

Our 3 teams presented their work on the topics of Astronaut Health & Performance, Space Architecture, and Space Transportation Systems at the IAC in Paris in October 2022.

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