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Deep Space
Chats Podcast

Join hosts Dr. Jennifer Fogarty, former NASA Human Research Program Chief Scientist, and astronaut Dr. Serena Aunon-Chancellor on ‘Deep Space Chats.’ Delve into leadership, astronaut training, space tech, and more, as we journey through the cosmos. Explore the mysteries of space with experts who’ve been there. Your interstellar adventure starts here.


Celebrate your passion for space with our comprehensive lineup of certifiable courses. Your educational journey begins with ‘Research101,’ equipping you with the fundamental skills for space research. Then, transition seamlessly into ‘Intro to Space,’ where you’ll gain a foundational overview that sets the stage for your cosmic journey.

From here, delve into specialized topics like ‘Astronaut Health & Performance,’ ‘Space Architecture,’ and ‘Space Transportation Systems.’ Each course offers a unique window into the wonders of the cosmos, ensuring you’re well-equipped to navigate the final frontier. Whether you’re a space enthusiast or an aspiring expert, these courses will ignite your passion for space exploration.


Welcome to our online series of short and engaging informative videos, where we journey through the cosmos to answer your basic questions about the world around us. Explore a universe of knowledge as we delve into various space topics, unraveling the mysteries of planets, stars, galaxies, and more. Whether you’re a curious novice or an enthusiastic space enthusiast, our bite-sized videos provide accessible insights, making complex topics easy to grasp. Join us on a cosmic adventure and expand your understanding of the universe, one video at a time.”

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